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Posted On: 27,Mar 2012 | Delhi , India |

WildLife Resorts India:Offering Reliable Tour Packages on resorts in bharatpur bird sanctuary, Gir wildlife sanctuary, Periyar wildlife sanctuary, Corbett national park and many more. A resort is place where you can relax yourself and send your stress far behind.   [more]

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Posted On: 27,Mar 2012 | Delhi , India |

Wildlife Safari India:Offering Low Cost Tour Packages on India Wildlife Tours,Wildlife Destinations,Kerala Wildlife Tour, Wildlife Sanctuaries in India, Jaipur Wildlife Tour, Bengal Wildlife Tour and many more at affordable cost.   [more]

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Posted On: 22,Mar 2012 | Delhi , India |

Wildlife Safari India:Get Best Tour Packages on India Wildlife Tours, Wildlife Destinations, Wildlife Sanctuaries in India, Kerala Wildlife Tour, Jaipur Wildlife Tour, Bengal Wildlife Tour and many more at affordable cost.   [more]

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Posted On: 21,Mar 2012 | Jaipur , India |

[url=]Wildlife Safari India[/url]:Get Exclusive Tour Packages on India Wildlife Tours, Wildlife Destinations, Wildlife Sanctuaries in India, Kerala Wildlife Tour, Jaipur Wildlife Tour, Bengal Wildlife Tour and many more at affordable cost.   [more]

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Posted On: 20,Mar 2012 | Delhi , India |

[url=]Wildlife Safari India[/url]: Get Incredible Tour Packages on India Wildlife Tours,  Wildlife Destinations,  Wildlife Sanctuaries in India, Kerala Wildlife Tour, Jaipur Wildlife Tour, Bengal Wildlife Tour and many more at affordable cost.   [more]

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Posted On: 19,Mar 2012 | Punjab , India |

Enjoy the fun of zip lining with Flying Fox at Kikar Lodge, Punjab. If you are looking for an adventurous travel trip then you should try zip lining at Kikar, Punjab. The Kikar Lodge is India's First Private Forest Reserve spread over 1800 acres of forest, a secluded haven of luscious green splendour. Named after the Kikar tree resting on top of a nearby hill, The Kikar Lodge is a perfect place for those who want their Holiday or Corporate events to be that of tranquil luxury combined with the thrill of adventure and excitement It takes two hours of an exhaustive bumpy road ride from Chandigarh, 70 km away, you enter the lodge nestled in the Shivalik foothills in Ropar district.   [more]

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Posted On: 19,Mar 2012 | Delhi , India |

Flying Fox is a unique and exhilarating journey between battlements, hill forts Neemrana Fort-Palace near Delhi. One can enjoy breath-taking views as they fly down a series of ultra-strong steel zip lines, securely attached by a harness and pulley propelled simply by gravity. Trained instructors accompany you to ensure your safety and entertain everyone with their local knowledge. It is closest palace of Rajasthan from New Delhi, situated on the Delhi-Jaipur highway - only 100 kms from Delhi international airport. Sited on a majestic plateau, concealed in a horseshoe formation of the billion year old Aravalli ranges.   [more]

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Posted On: 19,Mar 2012 | Jodhpur , India |

FlyingFox India’s first ziplining company has its site at Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. Mehrangarh Fort, located in Jodhpur city in Rajasthan state, is one of the largest forts in India. The fort is situated 400 feet (122 m) above the city and is enclosed by imposing thick walls. Inside its boundaries there are several palaces known for their intricate carvings and expansive courtyards. A winding road leads to and from the city below. The imprints of cannonball hits by attacking armies of Jaipur can still be seen on the second gate. To the left of the fort is the chhatri of Kirat Singh Soda, a soldier who fell on the spot defending the Mehrangarh fort.   [more]

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Posted On: 15,Mar 2012 | Delhi , India |

The Bahá'í House of Worship in New Delhi, India, popularly known as the Lotus Temple due to its flowerlike shape. It is a prominent attraction in Delhi. It was completed in 1986 and serves as the Mother Temple of the Indian subcontinent. It has won numerous architectural awards and been featured in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles.

Inspired by the lotus flower, the design for the House of Worship in New Delhi is composed of 27 free-standing marble clad "petals" arranged in clusters of three to form nine sides. The nine doors of the Lotus Temple open onto a central hall slightly more than 40 meters tall that is capable of holding up to 2,500 people. The surface of the House of Worship is made of white marble from Penteli mountain in Greece. It is surrounded with ponds and the gardens.

Since its inauguration to public worship in December 1986, the Bahá'í House of Worship in Delhi has, as of late 2002, attracted more than 50 million visitors, making it one of the most visited buildings in the world. Its numbers of visitors during those years surpassed those of the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal. On Hindu holy days, it has drawn as many as 150,000 people; it welcomes four million visitors each year (about 13,000 every day or 9 every minute).   [more]

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Posted On: 15,Mar 2012 | Karnataka , India |

Kurudumale Ganpati Temple is situated in the Kolar district of Karnataka, India, is known for its Ganesha temple built by a Vijayanagara kings. A huge Ganesha idol is being worshipped from ages unknown. It is said that the Ganesha statue was being worshipped in an open field, until Krishnadevaraya built a temple around it. Its too huge to imagine (14ft in all), bigger than the Dodda Ganesha of Basavanagudi.

This place was believed to be the place where Devas would descend from the heavens for recreation on earth. The ganesha temple is considered to be very powerful. Many people start new jobs or new work only after taking the blessing of Lord Ganesha.   [more]

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Posted On: 14,Mar 2012 | Goa , India |

The fort was constructed in 1612 to guard against the Dutch and the Marathas. It was a reference point for the vessels coming from Europe at that time. This old Portuguese fort stands on the beach south of Candolim, at the shore of the Mandovi river. It was initially tasked with defense of shipping and the nearby Bardez District. A freshwater spring within the fort provided water supply to the ships that used to stop by. This is how the fort got its name: Aguada, meaning Water. Crews of passing ships would often visit to replenish their fresh water stores. On the fort stands a four-storey Portuguese lighthouse, erected in 1864 and the oldest of its kind in Asia. Built in 1612, it was once the grandstand of 79 cannons, a moat around the fort also protected it. Fort Aguada was the most prized and crucial fort of Portuguese. The fort is so large that it envelops the entire peninsula at the south western tip of Bardez. Built on the mouth of river Mandovi, it was strategically located and was the chief defence of Portuguese against the Dutch and Marathas. During the Salazar Administration, Fort Aguada was repurposed for use as a prison primarily, some claim, for Salazar's political opponents.[citation needed] Many of its inmates are Western tourists serving time for drug-related crimes.   [more]

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Posted On: 09,Mar 2012 | Assam , India |

The Kamakhya Temple is a Shakti Peeth temple situated on the Nilachal Hill in western part of Guwahati city in Assam. It is an important pilgrimage destination for general Hindu and Tantric worshipers.

The temple consists of three major chambers. The western chamber is large and rectangular and is not used by the general pilgrims for worship. The middle chamber is a square, with a small idol of the Goddess, a later addition. The walls of this chamber contain sculpted images of Naranarayana, related inscriptions and other gods. The middle chamber leads to the sanctum of the temple in the form of a cave, which consists of no image but a natural underground spring that flows through a yoni-shaped cleft in the bedrock. During the Ambuvaci festival each summer,the menstruation of the Goddess Kamakhya is celebrated. During this time, the water in the main shrine runs red with iron oxide resembling menstrual fluid.

It is likely that this is an ancient Khasi sacrificial site, and worshiping here still includes sacrifices. Devotees come every morning with goats to offer to Shakti. The Kamakhya Temple in Assam symbolizes the "fusion of faiths and practices" of Aryan and non-Aryan elements in Assam.

The goddess is worshiped according to both the Vamachara (Left-Hand Path) as well as the Dakshinachara (Right-Hand Path) modes of worship). Offerings to the goddess are usually flowers, but might include animal sacrifices. In general female animals are exempt from sacrifice, a rule that is relaxed during mass sacrifices.   [more]

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Posted On: 09,Mar 2012 | Delhi , India |

The splendour of the Rashtrapati Bhavan is multi-dimensional. It is a vast mansion and its architecture is breathtaking. The Rashtrapati Bhavan is the official residence of the President of India, located at Raisina Hill in New Delhi, India. Until 1950 it was known as "Viceroy's House" and served as the residence of the Viceroy and Governor-General of India. At present, it is the largest residence of any Head of the State in the world. Only Few official residential premises of the Head of the State in the world will match the Rashtrapati Bhavan in terms of its size, vastness and its magnificence. The construction of the building was planned for 4 years, but World War I intervened and construction required 19 years to complete. Its first occupant, Lord Irwin, moved into the premises on January 23, 1931.   [more]

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Posted On: 09,Mar 2012 | Haridwar , India |

In Haridwar, the evening aarti at Har-ki-Pairi is the major attraction. This is the religious ceremony giving prayers and offering to the Ganga. The sound of gongs, chaotic atmosphere and fully packed crowd.

Small baskets with flowers with a candle to light can be bought everywhere, and the idea is to place it into the Ganges after sunset. The sight of the flickering candles on the water is beautiful.One spectacle to watch with many diyas floated on river and devotees holding a common belief of faith and trust on Ganges river.   [more]

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Posted On: 05,Mar 2012 | Madhya Pradesh , India |

Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh combines scenic beauty, historicity and modern urban planning. Bhopal is also known as the City of Lakes. Visiting the city is an immensely fascinating and rewarding experience.

Bhopal today presents a multi-faceted profile; the old city with its teeming market places and fine old mosques and palaces still bear the aristocratic imprint of its former rulers; among them the succession of powerful Begums who ruled Bhopal from 1819 to 1926. Equally impressive is the new city with its verdant, exquisitely laid out parks and gardens, broad avenues and streamlined modern edifices.

The two lakes of Bhopal still dominate the city, and are indeed its nucleus. Bordered along their shores stand silent sentinels that testify to the growth of the city. It is greener and cleaner than most cities in the country.   [more]

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Posted On: 05,Mar 2012 | Tamilnadu , India |

Madurai, probably over 2500 years old, is the oldest city in Tamil Nadu. Its origin and name emerge from a misty and lovely legend. In a forest near a lotus pond, Indra, King of Gods, Worshipped Lord Siva as a Swayambu Lingam.

At this hallowed spot, the Pandyan monarch Kulasekhara built a great temple and clearing the forest, he created a lotus- shaped city around the temple. On the day the city was to be named, Lord Siva appeared at the ceremony. As he blessed the land and its people, divine nectar (Mathuram) was showered on the city from his matted locks.

The city was henceforth known as Madhurapuri. Madhurapuri grew and prospered to become the capital of the Pandyan Kingdom. It is referred to in the Ramayana and Kautily's Arthashastra. Megasthenes (302 BC), pliny (77AD) and Ptolemy (140 AD) wrote of "Madura, the kingdom of the Pandian".

Macro polo visited Madurai in 1293 AD and lbn Batuta in 1333 AD. Madurai lies on the banks of the River Vaigai. The temple and the old city are on the southern bank, while modern Madurai with its textile mills, engineering industries and large university sprawls around.   [more]

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Posted On: 29,Feb 2012 | Delhi , India |

Delhi, the capital of India and the city with an effervescent history, has always been a prime tourist location of India. Foreign visitors and travelers have always shown great interest and enthusiasm in the city’s rich cultural and historical heritage. At Delhi Guide, our aim is to help travelers and tourists explore the beauty and essence of Delhi. To read more please log on to   [more]

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Posted On: 29,Feb 2012 | Uttaranchal , India |

Tungnath is the highest temple in the world located in the mountain range of Tunganath in the Rudraprayag in Uttarakhand, India. The Tunganath (literal meaning is lord of the peaks) mountains form the Mandakini and Alaknanda river valleys. Located at an altitude of 3,680 m, the Tungnath temple is the highest Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is believed to be 1000 years old. It has a rich legend linked to the Pandavas, heroes of the Mahabharata epic.

According to Hindu mythology lord Shiva and his consort Parvati both reside in the Himalayas: Lord Shiva at Mount Kailash and Parvati is considered to be the daughter of hills. The Tunganath myth is indelibly linked to the origin of the Panch Kedar temples built by the Pandavas. The legend states that sage Vyas Rishi advised the Pandavas that since they were culpable to the slaying of their own relatives during the Mahabharata war or Kurukshetra war, their offense could be pardoned only by Lord Shiva. Consequently, the Pandavas went in search of Shiva who was avoiding them since he was convinced of the guilt of Pandavas. In order to keep away from them, Shiva took the form of a bull and went into hiding in an underground safe haven at Guptakashi, where Pandavas chased him. But later Shiva’s body in the form of bull’s body parts rematerialized at five different locations that represent the “Panch Kedar” where Pandavas built temples of Lord Shiva at each location, to worship and venerate, seeking his pardon and blessings. Each one is identified with a part of his body; Tungnath is identified as the place where the bahu (hands) were seen: hump was seen at Kedarnath; head appeared at Rudranath; his navel and stomach surfaced atMadhyamaheshwar; and his jata (hair or locks) at Kalpeshwar.

Legend also states that Lord Rama, the chief icon of the Ramayana epic, meditated at the Chandrashila peak, which is close to Tungnath. It is also said that Ravana, also of Ramayana fame did penance to Shiva, the lord of the peaks, when he resided here   [more]

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Posted On: 29,Feb 2012 | Hyderabad , India |

It is an annual industrial fair held in Hyderabad, India. In Urdu “Numaish” means exhibition. The Numaish in Hyderabad is precisely just that – an open-air exhibition to display ingenious products and goods produced in the city. Held annually since 1938 during the rule of Hyderabad’s Nizams, the fair draws about 2.5 million people each year to the 2,600 stalls and entertainment in the form of joyrides and eateries. To say the Numaish is a massive event is an understatement. The exhibition has remained the only event of its kind in the world to be organized at a stretch for a 46-day period at its permanent venue in Nampally, Hyderabad. It runs from the first of January up to the fifteenth of February. This is one of the most eagerly awaited events in Hyderabad

Nowadays Numaish has come to be recognized as one of the country’s biggest display windows and bazaar-style sale for trade, commerce, and industry, participants from all over the country has started to set up shop there as well. Even neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Bangladesh have also been participating in the famous event.

Almost everything can be bought at the fair. The usual products on display include handicrafts and textiles, electronic devices, jewellery, handicrafts, and dried fruits. Specialties from places in India such as Kashmir, Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh are on sale so anyone who wants something indigenous from those places is bound to find it without going out of Hyderabad. Most times, they’ll get it at a lower price, too; it is not uncommon for bargaining to take place during Numaish. In fact, it is part of the fun of shopping during Numaish.

Entertainment is also another great pull of the event. The usual rides available for everyone include a mini-train, ferris wheel, motorcycle stungs in stunt globes, and many others. Food courts and stalls serving delicacies from Hyderabad and other places are also available for those who want to go on a food trip.   [more]

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Posted On: 27,Feb 2012 | Varanasi , India |

Varanasi, the holy city seems to be relaxing on the shores of sacred Ganga river. It is situated in the southeastern part of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. It is India’s religious capital, frequently called as Banaras or Kashi. people from several parts of the world come here to take holy dips at the popular Ganga Ghats. This includes a major belief that by doing so all their sins would be sanitized and they will be able to lead a blissful life.

Varanasi is also a learning center for many scholars, and shows off as many as 6 different universities for a better experience. thiscity beautiful homes the largest residential University in Asia, the Banaras Hindu University or BHU. Moreover, this is the only place where Tulsi Das composed the very famous Ram Charit Manas and if get time you can also visit the well known Tulsi Manas Mandir. Varanasi in India is a very unique place to explore some really awesome shrimes like Kashi Vishwanath Mandir, Durga temple, Bharat Mata Mandir, etc. all are a perfect option to discover the heavenly wonders around you. However, for some worldly entertainment you can visit local bazaars to buy the famous Banarasi sarees or else purchase Sitar, Tabla and Shehnai for a refreshing foray in music.   [more]