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Posted On: 13,Sep 2010 | Mumbai , India |

Leela Kempinski is one of the finest hotel chain in India with extreme focus on hospitality. Top quality facilities. Multiple restaurants, specially their pool side bar is good for a corporate hangout. Food is the best. Very convenient place from Inernational/domestic airport. You will have a wonderful experience at leela......   [more]

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Posted On: 13,Sep 2010 | Goa , India |

I stayed here for some time, and I did like the place. Fort Aguada has it's own private beach, but we walked North along the shore to the grounded tanker to take in more of the area. Lots of locals were offering watersport activities, but they weren't too pushy and subsided after a "no thanks".There wasn't much surf to speak of.   [more]

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Posted On: 09,Sep 2010 | Jammu Kashmir , India |

I travelled from leh to kargil by road, which was a life time experience as i was having an extra ordinary view of the Himalayan range. Rocky crags, snow clad mountains, rivers, hot springs, desert, sand dunes, glaciers, camels, yak, wild ass, marmots, flora and fauna etc, leh has it all...

Visiting Leh was simply great. You'll want to come back for more...   [more]

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Posted On: 06,Sep 2010 | Goa , India |

One of the best-loved and indulged in activities in Goa India is shopping in local markets that are a riot of color, exotic products and activity, and attract tourists from all over the world.

Ingos Saturday night market Apora or the Wednesday Market at Anjuna both are massive markets with everything to barter and haggle over.

This is the best place to get all your holiday souvenirs, gifts and beach-clothes at once!   [more]

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Posted On: 06,Sep 2010 | Jodhpur , India |

The Majestic Ummed Bhawan is one of the Finest palaces in India and has been converted in to a hotel with a underground swimming pool and one of the biggest ’’Gumbad’’ in India. A part of the palace has been converted in to a Museum where commoners can have a peek into the royalty. One should go for their dream vacation to the dream destination of Jodhpur.   [more]

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Posted On: 02,Sep 2010 | Delhi , India |

Today every now and then individuals, families and industries are relocating to different places. Relocation services involves hectic schedule of packing and moving goods both within a country and outside it. Goods Relocation services also involves lot of paper works like custom clearance, insurance, visa clearance etc. Amongst the leading re-locator in India, we at State cargo Movers and Packers, offer comprehensive door to door moving and office relocation services, with a personal touch. We are big enough to handle all your relocation requirements to the utmost satisfaction yet small enough not to be complacent with our existing large client base. For more detail, please contact us online at   [more]

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Posted On: 01,Sep 2010 | Hyderabad , India |

Last weekend, we tried to travel to Hyderabad but it was difficult to get cheap flight tickets for Hyderabad. The only way to get cheap flight ticket for Hyderabad is to check the schedule through and book tickets in advance.

This website provided information on flight schedule and seat availability for all flights to Hyderabad and other cities that helped us to select the flight easily and make the bookings.   [more]

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Posted On: 01,Sep 2010 | Madhya Pradesh , India |

Chitvan jungle lodge one of the beautiful place to stay. Natural surroundings and amazing service make our tour really beautiful and leave us with some beautiful memories.   [more]

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Posted On: 25,Aug 2010 | Arunachal Pradesh , India |

hih you........ i like go to shopping, if i can travel india, i want buy many clothes, shoes etc... ------------- [url=]Vietnam Travel, Vietnam tours[/url]-[url=]Vietnam beaches[/url]- [url=]Saigon hotels & restaurants[/url]   [more]

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Posted On: 16,Aug 2010 | Himachal Pradesh , India |

Blessed are those Who have the time of their life in Himachal! It’s a world of wondrous beauty and magical charm Bestowed upon mankind by Nature…..a land of sheer loveliness, apparently untouched by time. Once you come to Himachal, its picturesque memories would haunt you for the rest of your life… And you would want to come again and again KINNAUR each time, you’ll love it more For the true traveler, there’s more to Himachal Pradesh Tours than just Shimla, Kufri, Narkanda, Naldera and Chail . The inner beauty of Kinnaur, for instance, is beyond belief. A most splendid valley, it is surrounded on one side by Tibet with the Satluj River meandering through its slopes & gorges. The lifestyle & culture over here is predominantly influenced by the Tibetan ways of life & re ligion. The region is dotted with Buddhist gompas & monasteries. Men, women & Children of Kinnaur are innocently simple, nubile & very very hospitable. Kinnaur – the land of legends & mythical richness beckons you to experience the spirit of exhilaration & nature’s wealth of beauty. The Seductive Charms of Sangla Valley It will bedazzle you. The Sangla Valley, at a height of 2700 meters, embedded like a jewel in Kinnaur District, is hardly 210 kms from Shimla and barely 70 kms from the Tibetan Border. A most exciting thing about Sangla is the clear & close view of the Himalayan Peaks in their pristine glory visible from here. The valley abounds n an amazing variety of flora, fauna, fruits, flowers & cider trees. Its picturesque villages will win your hearts & so will the Kinnaur inhabitants. Worth a view is the 800 years Old Kamru Fort in Sangla. Below are a few places to visit around Sangla to experience Kinnaur – there are more. KANDA – VALLEY OF FLOWERS If you are planning a holiday in Sangla and wish to throw in a bit of exercise and adventure, this short trek is ideal for you. This way, you can savour the beauty of the pastures of Sangla Kanda without the exertion of the Rupin Pass trek. Enjoy the Kanda over the afternoon after climbing u p from Sangla. Spend the night (or near) the Trekker’s Hut here and climb north -west the next day to cross the Shivaling Pass back toward the Baspa Valley Once across, stroll down to the trekking hut at Damabar, the pasture of Chansu Village. If time is not at a premium, spend another night watching the moon over Raldang Peak, due north across the Baspa Valley . From Dambar take to Chansu Village and Ruttrang Bridge, to reach the motor road 3 km below Sangla RAKCHAM – HIDDEN PARADISE OF KINNAUR While traveling from Sangla to Chitkul you will sure come across this breathtaking valley on the banks of River Baspa comfortably hidden away from the modern world . Nestled between mighty snow covered peaks and a lush green landscape, Rakcham or Rakchham is heaven on earth Rakcham is at an altitude of 2900 meters approx 10,000 ft above sea level. It is a relatively unknown place, located midway between Sangla and Chitkul – the last Indian village before the Tibet Border. The beauty of this small village with a population of 800 is heavenly. CHITKUL – COOL AND CAPTIVATING Nestling almost at the end of Sangla valley is the pastoral village of Chitkul, at an altitude of 3450 meters on the right bank of River Baspa. It exudes a fairy -tale romantic aura. Chitkul, you’ll be surprised to known, has a population of a little over 600 only. KALPA – A PICTURESQUE PANORAMA The journey to Kalpa is a colourful fe ast for one’s senses & sensibilities from Sangla which is only 51 kms away. The road to Kalpa passes through beautiful villages. Kalpa is surrounded by vineyards, which are protect from bears by large sheep-dogs. Visitors can buy Kinnuari Shawls & Caps, no t forgetting excellent quality apples & chilgozas which grow aplenty here. LAHUL AND SPITI – GORGEOUS AND MARVELOUS These valleys are cut off from the rest of the rest of the world for half of the year. When they again emerge during the other half of the year through the melting snow, the sight is breathtaking and awe inspiring with barren Himalayan deserts and sparkling rivers in view.   [more]

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Posted On: 29,Jul 2010 | Jaipur , India |

Jaipur is a wonderful city, rich in cultural heritage & full of colours. It is a bustling capital city and a business centre with all the luxuries of modern metropolis but yet coloured strongly with an age-old charm with its palaces, havelis, colourful markets, fairs and festivals that never fails to surprise a traveller. The elephant ride to Amer Palace is worth the experience. Major Tourist Places in Jaipur are Jal Mahal, the rajput style “Water Palace”, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Museum, Raj Mandir, Birla Temple, Chokhi Dhani, Sisodia Garden, Rambagh Palace which is now a luxury hotel.   [more]

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Posted On: 29,Jul 2010 | Agra , India |

Taj Mahal is truly one of the man made wonders of the world. Visiting Taj Mahal was an amazingly wonderful experience for me. It was built by a Muslim,Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his dear wife and queen Mumtaz Mahal. One can feel the aura of love spread all over there. Taj Mahal is built entirely of white marble.Trip to India would be incomplete without visiting the Taj Mahal, Agra.   [more]

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Posted On: 29,Jul 2010 | Goa , India |

Goa is one of the beautiful places in the world for its natural rich, appealing beauty. Each of the Beaches has a distinct identity of their own.The sea is different at every hour of the day. Sea food and steaks here are mouth watering that too at reasonable prices. One should not forget to visit Goa’s monuments especially the ones in Old Goa or Velaha Goa. Se Cathedral, St. Catherine’s Church, Christian Art Museum and many more of such monuments remind us how imperialism was advanced with the help of religion.   [more]

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Posted On: 29,Jul 2010 | Varanasi , India |

Varanasi is one amongst the oldest hindu cities. One can really feel connected to the almighty in this holy city.It is located on the banks of the Ganga, the ghats at Varanasi leading to the river are the biggest attraction and the object of especial beauty in the evenings when thousands of lamps are lit along them. September to November is the best time to visit Varanasi.   [more]

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Posted On: 29,Jul 2010 | Cochin , India |

visiting Cochin was a delightful experience. This place is just so beautiful, lush greenery, clean and romantic beaches, delicious food and friendly helpful people. Me and my family had a fabulously relaxing time there. But Cochin is always rainy, so better be careful.   [more]