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Wildlife in India

India is immensely rich and varied in flora & fauna. Well-rounded geographical diversity of India makes it the cherished habitat of almost all kinds of wildlife, in different parts of India. No land in the world can ever emulate India in variety of culture, climate, vegetation, and wildlife. Over 90 National Parks, about 500 Wildlife Sanctuaries, and about 15 Biosphere Reserves, obviously indicate India’s richness in variety of Wildlife. These wildlife sanctuaries are spread throughout the country, but there are some special states which are exclusively abundant in number of wildlife sanctuaries and variety of the wildlife. 

The states most prominent in the wildlife reserves are Uttarakhand and Rajasthan in the north India, Madhya Pradesh in the central zone, Karnataka and Kerala in the south India, Gujarat in the west India, and Assam, and Jharkhand in the north-east India.  India Travel forum has arranged a large number of highly entertaining and adventurous wildlife tours since its inception.

The touring schedules are set based on your specified type of requirements, such as the Birding tour, Tiger tour, elephant tour, etc. India travel forum arranges excellent transportations, accommodations, viewing of the wildlife, catering arrangements, etc. at highly reasonable charges. Therefore, India is perhaps one of the best countries in the world for the wildlife tourism and studies. Every wildlife tour in India is bound to be thoroughly exciting, entertaining, enlightening, and enthralling!

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